Lammes Sherbet Mints 7 oz.
Lammes Sherbet Mints 7 oz. $13.95
 The soft, creamy texture of these delicate, minty wafers made them famous.  Each box contains 7 oz. (approximately 50 wafers). By nature since this is a hand made product, pieces can vary in size and weight, so your box may have more or less than 50 wafers. All colors are a mint flavor. 7 oz. Box Item #L225
Lammes Longhorns 6 oz.
Lammes Longhorns 6 oz. $14.95
The #1 selling chocolate confection and the "Nearly Official "Chocolate of Texas!  If you like Chocolate "Turtles", then you will fall in love with Lammes Candies Longhorns. Hearty Texas pecans are layered onto signature golden caramel, then smothered in premium Lammes milk chocolate.  Each mouthwatering bite has the perfect balance of crunchy pecan goodness, sweet chocolate, and buttery, chewy caramel.  Lammes Candies uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, packaging each box with care.  6 oz. Box =  6 - 8 pieces (Based on Weight) Item #L163
Lammes Pralines 6 oz.
Lammes Pralines 6 oz. $13.95
The #1 selling confection! For more than a century, the Lammes family has honored its secret family recipe to cook the world-famous Texas Chewie® Pecan Praline.  Rich, buttery caramel surrounding the choicest Texas pecans creates a sweet and nutty combination that is distinctive and purely delicious. Only the finest all-natural ingredients, free of preservatives and artificial flavorings, are blended into this ideal confection.  Each "Chewie" is individually wrapped in clear cellophane. 6 oz. Box = 6 pieces Item #L271
Lammes Texas Trio 7.75 oz.
Lammes Texas Trio 7.75 oz. $19.95
Whether you're a Texas native or just passing through the Lone Star State, you'll want to be sure to pick up a box of this fine Texas Trio and revel in the taste of Texas. Each box contains 9 pieces.  (7.75 oz. Total) 3 - Longhorns (In Milk Chocolate) 3 - Choc'Adillos (In Milk Chocolate) 3 - Cashew Critters Item #L1257
Lammes Chocolate Covered Pralines 10 oz.
Lammes Chocolate Covered Pralines 10 oz. $20.95
The Texas Chewie Pecan Praline with a major modification — fully enrobed and lightly drizzled in premium milk chocolate! Each 10 oz box contains 10 candies. What's the difference between Longhorns and Chocolate Covered Pralines?  Longhorns are made in layers: layer of pecans, layer of caramel and fully enrobed in chocolate.  Chocolate covered pralines are made with caramel and pecans cooked together, then enrobed in chocolate. This leads to a difference in texture and bite. I If you are seeking a more chewy texture, we'd recommend the Chocolate Covered Pralines!  10 oz. Box Item #L265