Tailgate Party Box - Mailorder


Tailgate Party Box - Mailorder

Product description

The Tailgate Party Box is the perfect box of fully-cooked smoked sausage and brisket to feed a crowd at your next big game. Whether you’re at the game or entertaining a crowd at home, this gift box is full of delicious treats. In the Tailgate Party Box, you’ll get:

  • 4 - 6 lbs. Smoked Beef Brisket
  • 16 oz. Smoked Pork & Beef Sausage
  • 16 oz. Bratwurst
  • 16 oz. Smoked Cheddar Sausage
  • 13.5 oz. Jar of Sweet Molasses BBQ Sauce

With all these flavorful meats, you will surely have a party that everyone will remember.

The brisket is slow-smoked to perfection, resulting in tender and juicy, flavorful meat. The sausages are also smoked to perfection, and they come in various flavors to please everyone. The BBQ sauce is the perfect finishing touch, and it will add a touch of sweetness and tang to your meats.

The Tailgate Party Box will surely be a hit at your next party. So order yours today and get ready to enjoy some delicious smoked meats!

Here are some additional details about the Tailgate Party Box:

  • The brisket is a high-quality, well-marbled cut of beef that is expertly smoked.
  • The sausages are made with premium ingredients and are smoked over hickory.
  • The BBQ sauce is made with a blend of sweet molasses, vinegar, and spices.
  • The Tailgate Party Box is enough food to feed 10-12 people.

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