In 1845, times were difficult for many families in Germany.  Two families, the Dieterts and Tays, migrated to the Republic of Texas as part of a group of families under a colonization contract with President Sam Houston. Like many families, their ancestors, in the German tradition, smoked their own meats and made their own sausage. For some families, the practice of smoking meats and making sausage went by the wayside as grocery stores and butcher shops became more prevalent. The Dietert and Tays families, however, continued making their recipes in New Braunfels. Today in a tradition begun in New Braunfels by their ancestors, the two families bring you 1845 Meat Co. If you’re one to track such things, that is six generations smoking meats and making sausage in New Braunfels.

 A lot has happened since 1845. Texas became a state soon after they made the three-month trip across the ocean in 35-foot wood sailing ships. The community has been through the downturns of war, sickness, and poverty and the upsides of peace, health, and prosperity. Through it all, these two families smoked meats and made sausage. Evolutions of the recipes occurred as these Germans acclimated to their new home. Mexican neighbors not only made music with the German community, but they also taught the German-Texans to love a little more heat in some of their sausage.  After a couple of years in retirement and over five of the previous decades smoking meats and making sausage, Mike Dietert decided he was not finished.  After a period of retirement from the world of banking, business development and real estate, Joe Tays was ready to partner with Mike in starting a new smoked meat business.  Perhaps, best of all the family Smokemeister Emeritus Rocky Tays was ready to revive old family recipes and create new ones with 1845 Meat Co. Smokemeister Clint Skarovsky. These new formulas proudly bear the 1845 Meat Co. brand. You’ll love the results. The 1845 Meat Co. products are the highest quality smoked meats and sausages on the market. Foods you can feed your family for generations to come. We know, we have.